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1st Búzios Luxury Tourism Meeting

The first Tourism Meeting took place in a bucolic atmosphere at Vila da Santa Hotel Boutique SPA, in front of Praça dos Ossos, on June 28, 2016.

Location: Armação dos Búzios
Theme: Luxury Tourism
Social Support: Local Artists and Musicians

2nd Luxury Tourism Meeting Olympics

Roadshow between hotels, attractions and other companies from Búzios with OTA & DMCs from Rio de Janeiro focusing on strategic partnerships for the Olympics  


Location: Ipanema Forum, Rio de Janeiro 
Theme: Olympics


3rd Luxury Tourism Meeting Rio & Búzios


4th Tourism Meeting Rio Destinations

Highlighting the importance of uniting the entire state of Rio de Janeiro, we united more than  10 cities in the OAB/RJ building with d ebates, lectures, and business dated. Decoration and social support for 4 projects in the communities of Rio de Janeiro. Location: OAB Rio de Janeiro  Theme: Rio Destinations Social Support: 4 community social projects , including Harmonicanto and Morrinho.

In 2017, we brought together more than 90 entrepreneurs from Rio and Búzios with local plastic artists, opening the Meeting in an Art exhibition.

Location: Hotel Costa do Sol, Armação dos Búzios
Theme: Rio & Búzios Tourism
Social Support: Local plastic artists


5th Tourism Meeting Costa Verde

A symbolic mix between the exuberant nature of Costa Verde and companies aware of the climate crisis. Surreal energy with an artistic presentation by Tupi Guarani indigenous people from the village of Bracuí.

We connect the 5 cities of Costa Verde with a theme based on sustainability and environmental preservation.

Location: Fasano, Angra dos  kings
Theme: Costa Verde Region 
Social Support: Environmental Protection Project - Dolphin Gray

6th Tourism Meeting 

UNESCO World Heritage

In honor of the recognition of the World Heritage title of the  Humanity granted by UNESCO to the region of Ilha Grande and Paraty, we united businessmen from the region with DMCs, agencies and businessmen from Rio de Janeiro in a roadshow.

Location: VAMO, Rio de Janeiro 
Theme: UNESCO Heritage Nomination


7th Tourism Meeting

Tourism Will Continue

On September 9, 2020, the Tourism Meeting, reaches its

7th edition in online and free format, being broadcast directly from a studio at the Mansão de Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro, bringing more than 50 members of the national trade – who will represent the five regions of Tourism in Brazil – and also international guests from countries on the 5 continents such as Russia, China, the United States and Saudi Arabia.